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X’s and O’s

6  X’s and O’s Here’s how it started: I was sitting on a bench in Tompkins Square Park reading a copy of Spin I’d swiped from Hudson News, observing East Village females crossing the park on their way home from … Continue reading

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Ask Me If I Care

3 Ask Me If I Care Late at night, when there’s nowhere left to go, we go to Alice’s house. Scotty drives his pickup, two of us squeezed in front with him blasting bootleg tapes of the Stranglers, the Nuns, … Continue reading

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Scotty Hausmann (Goon Squad)

Guitarist (slide) for the Flaming Dildos, for a time, then fell on hard times. Played a concert in Washington Square – redemption; triumph? Enjoy fishing. Follow @scottyhausmann for updates…

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