A Visit from the Goon Squad app - Jennifer Egan

“Combines book, audiobook and bonus material into an interesting package … provides extra material that could not be incorporated into an ebook with the elegance that it has here.” Daily Telegraph

“Demonstrates that a well-chosen work can benefit enormously from the functionality made possible by the app format … this intricate and fascinating ‘novel’ is made an even more rewarding read on screen than it is on the page. FutureBook

“Comes admirably close to the definition of an ‘open art work’ – one which hands over the production of its many possible meanings to the reader, rather than insisting on the author’s own interpretation.” The Literary Platform 

 “Hip, loose and fun, like some kind of niche literary platform game, or a narrative-led treasure hunt. I’m keen to finish in the order intended and then read it out of order to see how it changes. I also love the addition of chapter-related play-lists and Egan’s own notes on how each chapter began and grew to fruition.” Tolstoy is My Cat

A Visit From the Goon Squad is now available as a boutique special edition App from the Apple App Store, exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, offering a reading experience like no other. Available worldwide, excluding the US and Canada.

A Visit from the Goon Squad is a work of art; both a timeless American novel, and an audaciously interlocking collection of short stories, weaving together themes of time and memory, music, art and technology with bravura style and a symphony of unforgettable voices. We hope that the unique features of this special edition do justice to the book and provide a singular reading experience, allowing readers to approach it in new and interesting ways.

Some screenshots of the special edition of A Visit from the Goon Squad:

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  • A ‘sentence-by-sentence’ audio sync with the highly acclaimed audiobook produced by BBC Audiobooks America
  • A unique visual navigation menu that allows readers to reorder the chapters of the book
  • Liner Notes – exclusive audio, video and written content for each chapter
  • Exclusive chapter artwork
  • Social option – share an excerpt of each chapter on your Facebook wall
  • Track listing – links to iTunes and Wikipedia for each music artist that influenced, or is mentioned in the novel
A Visit from the Goon Squad app - Jennifer Egan

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