Goon Squad review on Futurebook

 FutureBook, the Bookseller-associated digital publishing blog, have published a great review by Alastair Horne of  A Visit from the Goon Squad: The Special Edition App.

The novel has received great critical acclaim and recognition from many quarters culminating in the Pulitzer Prize win in April. Alastair Horne, Innovations Manager for CUP and Futurebook blogger, gives an great overview of the app and its various features, showing how a great novel can be read, appreciated, and even enhanced by the digital reading experience.

At last month’s London Book Fair Digital Conference, Bloomsbury’s Head of Print and Digital Evan Schnittman dismissed the book app as dead, claiming that the idea of innovation in the reading process was, outside of education, a non-starter. What A Visit from the Goon Squad demonstrates, however, is that a well-chosen work can benefit enormously from the functionality made possible by the app format. (The penultimate chapter, for instance, in the form of a Powerpoint presentation, almost inevitably works far better on a screen than on a printed page.) This intricate and fascinating ‘novel’ is made an even more rewarding read on screen than it is on the page.

Read the full review

Finally, a reminder that there is still time to win an exclusive signed hardback copy of A Visit from the Goon Squad, by making your suggestions as to who you would cast in the forthcoming HBO serialisation treatment here.

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