Goon Squad – publicity round-up

Tom Shone had a fantastic interview with Jennifer in The Sunday Times yesterday:
‘Egan’s writing is remarkable for its ability to anchor postmodern trickery to more reassuringly solid novelistic virtues … Goon Squad hangs together with the airiness of a mobile, constructed to catch the slightest gusts of longing and lust.’

Sunday Times (Culture) 20 March 2011

Interview with Jennifer on the Granta website

Toby Litt’s interview with Jenny in Waterstone’s Books Quarterly – ‘Fantastic’

Books Quarterly March 2011

Review in Dazed and Confused – ‘Exciting … brilliant … first-rate’

Review in the Financial Times – ‘Dazzlingly inventive’.

And finally, but not leastly, A Visit from the Goon Squad was reviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Review. Presenter Tom Sutcliffe and guests writer Iain Sinclair, anthropologist Kit Davies and journalist Natalie Haynes, gave it resounding thumbs up saying overall it’s ‘very smart and very funny’. If you want to listen, here’s a link: – it starts at 13mins in.

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